Game Updates

Misc Updates 2
Some more minor updates/bug fixes have been released.

- /pc command now has the correct buy or sell text instead of always just saying 'sell'
- /pc command now uses the item's plural name instead of the singular (rods vs rod)
- /dingus command because...
- Incorrect links in welcome email have been fixed
- Guild message (the one seen in chat upon login) can now be updated successfully
- Bug with username duplication in staff chat fixed
- Performance improvement to potion code


There is currently no "Orichalcon Lockpick" or "Orichalcon Shears" in the manual for the smithing skill

Following the pattern it should be Level 103 - Exp 206


(When) can we expect some/most/all of these items to also get a baseline-NPC price?


At some point you might want to consider resetting the game to zero, given the gravity of these changes.

You're basically leaving no stone of top of the other.


@Oynque - Yes, until it does get updated (just waiting for the changes to be reviewed), here are the locations

Level 1 - 29: Winterdale
Level 30 - 59: Pinesdale
Level 60 - 89: Faywick
Level 90 - 119: Silverhollow
Level 120 - 149: Glassrock
Level 150 - 179: Bonemead

@Yerp - Yes, all skills plan to be reworked to follow a similar pattern (I believe)


Are you going to adjust woodcutting as well to match crafting with the "1 new log every 10 levels"?

Cutting Sycamore at 45 and being able to use it in crafting at level 71 doesn't make a lot of sense.


Will the manual be updated to show crafting locations? Right now it just shows "Crafting Hut" for everything; however (unless I missed something), ring molds and decorative ring molds can be crafted at Winterdale, but not at Pinesdale (I haven't checked any other crafting locations).


Crafting Rework
Crafting has been reworked!
- Exp and level needed for each action has been re-done
- New logs/wood types are now usable every 10 levels
- When making handles, you now get 1-2 per log
- Walking sticks are now craftable from every wood, they decrease travel time when equipped
- Rings molds can now be made using clay
- Smiths can use rings molds and silver/gold bars to make 4 types of ring
- Crafters can use the rings smiths make and gems to make a ton of different rings (currently no use for these)
- Diggers can now dig for clay in 2 locations (which need different levels and give different exp and clay amounts per action)
- Forsaken logs can now be used to make everything that other logs can (instead of just rods and handles)

- Smiths can now make lockpicks and shears which decrease lockpicking and gathering time respectively
- Drop rate for skeleton lockpicks has been nerfed to make smithable lockpicks more useful/desirable
- Diiging typo has been fixed


Hammers have never decreased smelting timers only smithing timers.


No specific change was made to hammers or smithing outside of the level curve.

I have never seen hammers work with smelting but I will look in the database and see if a specific smelting action mistakenly did allow for hammers to benefit.


Not sure if this is a bug or a bug fix but will give all the info I have and let ya'll decide. Before the exp update I know hammers gave -time bonus for smelting bars cause I tried different level hammers for same action. Since the update they no longer do. Not sure if a current bug or one that was fixed during update as hammers were never supposed to give -time on smelting.


missing event notifications - a woodcutting event was spawned somewhere between 7:30 - 7:45 chat time, however there was no global notification (yellow text).
I've seen this before where an event was "renewed" by spawning a new event on the last action of the old one, but this was not the case here.


Not so much a bug, but still an issue to address!

Gold chests drop dragontear roots - that have no use in game
Plat chests drop hemlocks - again no in game use

Redundant drops in hard to come by chests!


Changing guild message is broken, possibly due to faulty link (HTTP ERROR 500)


Polls in public and guild forums
and the arrows that move sections of guild forums up

Please :)

Your hard work is appreciated


The random mid botcheck logout bug, please rid us of that disease!


Bug Stomping - 2020-05-09
Over the past week I have personally been working on stomping out some bugs. I want to start posting a weekly post with what has been fixed and also start an open log of what needs to be fixed.

Bugs Fixed This Past Week

Two Handed Bug:
The code to prevent you from equipping a shield after equipping a two handed weapon has been fixed. The two handed weapon will now be removed when a shield is equipped. In this change it was discovered that the Blood Soaked forsaken halberd was not considered two handed. This has also been changed.

Guild Logs:
Guild logs were previously broken and did not display anything for guild leaders to review. This has been addressed.

Guild Exp:
Following the Level update some formatting was broken for exp displays. The guild remaining exp and guild total exp have been reformatted correctly

Forced Botcheck Hiking Bug:
This has been addressed and should no longer occur.

Applying to guilds:
Some test code managed to make its way into prod without testing. This prevented people from being able to join guilds. This has been addressed.

Working with the Master:
This effect was not displaying the temporary level when doing the related action.

"Lag Slot"
This has been changed to Leg Slot. Thank you for the 1000 messages pointing this out. They will be missed :-)

"Several Other Changes"
Several back end issues were addressed and removed. These didn't affect game play for anyone.

- Combat related cheating bugs including the ability to leave combat, the ability to skip auto attacks and the ability to avoid incoming damage.
- Leave Guild and Destroy Farm links
- ?

Please feel free to add any bugs you are aware of and I will get to them in whatever order I manage.


Well, it looks like people have spoken.
#3 is the winner with 22 votes. The next best was option #6 with 5 votes.


These changes are planned to be added this coming weekend (May 2-3).

Players will receive messages when the code is implemented showing the change in level or experience for each skill.


Easter 2020 Conclusion Part 2
Well, Easter is finally over completely.
In addition to the Easter store/exchange in Winterport where people can exchange their points for items, there has also been double Exp added and there are potion rewards too.

The length of double exp was based on how much of each item was donated to the factory. For every 1,000 of every item donated, 6 hours of double exp was added. This has lead to 13 days and 6 hours of double exp being activated.

The potion rewards are individual rewards for each player based on how much they contributed individually to the factory.

You receive:
1x +1 potion for whatever skill the donated item was for (e.g. Cup of Crafting [+1] for donating Easter Baskets etc) for donating 500 items of a single type
1x +2 potion for whatever skill the donated item was for for donating 1,000 items of a single type
1x +3 potion for whatever skill the donated item was for for donating 10,000 items of a single type
1x +4 potion for whatever skill the donated item was for for donating 25,000 items of a single type

For donating Easter Eggs, the numbers required are divided by 10 i.e. 50, 100, 1,000 and 2,500 and give Vials of Luck. Since there's no farming potions, donating Jelly Beans also gives Vials of Luck.