Game Updates

I don't really use the Forums on here and I haven't been the best at keeping y'all updated. With that said, I apologize that the game is taking so long to reset, when I made the purchase I did not expect it to take this long. I expected to have a few people helping me, but right now it is just Thorrak and I. Life happens so no hard feelings, but him and I both have full time jobs, families, etc. I am expecting baby #2 in less than two months so I have a lot going on outside of work. Thorrak and I are continuing to work on the new version and hope to be bringing that to y'all soon, even if it is a BETA to start, just so you can get a taste of it. We want to bring something to y'all that you will enjoy playing for years to come.

Thank you for your patience,


Hey big D, sabs is online lets see if one gets a reply XD
OH the question is hows the recoding coming along?


3 ^ where's the update man? Free tokens for all! :P




+2 indeed whats a happening man


+1 ^


Sabs, when you see this , another update on what's happening would be nice. :P


dare i ask for an update?


The halloween exchange (in Market) has been updated to have more reasonable prices.

You'll find possessed items for 100 candy each, ancient possessed items for 200 candy each and opals and beryls for 20 candies each.


thanks for the update, best of luck


I'm glad to hear it's still active :)


Sorry everyone. We are continuing to work on the game. I have returned from my hiatus. A lot happened in my life in a short period of time, but that is no excuse. I want to bring you all something that you all will enjoy, however, it is taking way longer than expected and for that I do apologize. Coding a new game isn't the easiest thing to do, especially when the original code had to be recoded before we could even start on the new version. I want to thank you all deeply for the patience, we do appreciate it.


Halloween Event
Hi Guys,
It's been a while (and yes, that is pretty much entirely my fault...).

Quick update on the new game/rework/relaunch:
Work is continuing but much more slowly than originally planned (lots of RL stuff getting in the way for various people unfortunately). It is still continuing though. There are no plans (that I'm aware of) to just let the game die.

Halloween Event:
- 4 new higher level halloween mobs have been added
- Regular (halloween) invasions will now be running for the next few days (at least)
- Drops have been re-worked for halloween mobs to be more desirable (drop rate subject to change)
- Special drops on all actions to be used in the halloween store after the event ends

As mentioned above, there are some halloween invasions on the 1st and 2nd island (for accessibility). Every 4 hours, these invasions will be (at least partially) refreshed.

This means that if an invasion had 10,000 monsters in it originally and all 10,000 get killed, at the next 4 hour mark another invasion with 10,000 of that monster will appear (in the same town) again. If only some of the monsters were killed then 1,000 (10% of the original amount) of that monster will be added to the existing invasion instead. If no monsters are killed then that invasion stays as-is.


seconding the above question.
the game has a lot of potential, i hope things are going well


Any update on the game reset? Not heard anything for some time now.


glad to hear you're still working on it. best of luck.


We've all been busy. As many of you know, this isn't our full time job so unfortunately life has got in the way. School, work, looking for a new job, etc. Bare with us, we will update you all once something major happens or gets implemented. I'm not going to update here if I added a . to the end of the code.

Thank you all for the patience,


Game should be ready by Spring of 2050


Bump again for update?


bump for update on the forum :)