Game Updates

dare i ask for an update?


The halloween exchange (in Market) has been updated to have more reasonable prices.

You'll find possessed items for 100 candy each, ancient possessed items for 200 candy each and opals and beryls for 20 candies each.


thanks for the update, best of luck


I'm glad to hear it's still active :)


Sorry everyone. We are continuing to work on the game. I have returned from my hiatus. A lot happened in my life in a short period of time, but that is no excuse. I want to bring you all something that you all will enjoy, however, it is taking way longer than expected and for that I do apologize. Coding a new game isn't the easiest thing to do, especially when the original code had to be recoded before we could even start on the new version. I want to thank you all deeply for the patience, we do appreciate it.


Halloween Event
Hi Guys,
It's been a while (and yes, that is pretty much entirely my fault...).

Quick update on the new game/rework/relaunch:
Work is continuing but much more slowly than originally planned (lots of RL stuff getting in the way for various people unfortunately). It is still continuing though. There are no plans (that I'm aware of) to just let the game die.

Halloween Event:
- 4 new higher level halloween mobs have been added
- Regular (halloween) invasions will now be running for the next few days (at least)
- Drops have been re-worked for halloween mobs to be more desirable (drop rate subject to change)
- Special drops on all actions to be used in the halloween store after the event ends

As mentioned above, there are some halloween invasions on the 1st and 2nd island (for accessibility). Every 4 hours, these invasions will be (at least partially) refreshed.

This means that if an invasion had 10,000 monsters in it originally and all 10,000 get killed, at the next 4 hour mark another invasion with 10,000 of that monster will appear (in the same town) again. If only some of the monsters were killed then 1,000 (10% of the original amount) of that monster will be added to the existing invasion instead. If no monsters are killed then that invasion stays as-is.


seconding the above question.
the game has a lot of potential, i hope things are going well


Any update on the game reset? Not heard anything for some time now.


glad to hear you're still working on it. best of luck.


We've all been busy. As many of you know, this isn't our full time job so unfortunately life has got in the way. School, work, looking for a new job, etc. Bare with us, we will update you all once something major happens or gets implemented. I'm not going to update here if I added a . to the end of the code.

Thank you all for the patience,


Game should be ready by Spring of 2050


Bump again for update?


bump for update on the forum :)


That would be really nice for some lol


May have good news for everyone. We're going to test it a couple more days on the dev server to know for sure, but it appears we have found the fix for the infamous logout bug! I will keep you all posted on any changes.


Recently Done:
- Finalized structure of new DB
- Fixed searching within the player market
- Fixed issue where having multiple items with the same effect (e.g. hatchets + sacred ring of woodcutting) equipped only applied 1 of the effects

In Progress:
- Planning for Smithing skill updates
- New Account creation logic


Thank you for the kind words. I am keeping the community informed via the Forum and Discord, both spots. Unfortunately, if you are not currently playing the game, you obviously won't see the Forum post so I am being proactive in posting on Discord as well, so you can stay informed while waiting. Unfortunately, there is no set in stone date for a reset. The code was the biggest issue and that should all be fixed now, for the most part. We are still finding small bugs here and there (Forum Topics, new accounts signing up for the game, etc.)

The code was a nightmare, it was essentially copy and pasted and there was still a bunch of code that didn't work on FS in this game. We are moving forward, I pay for this game to stay running so the few people who are still active can continue to enjoy the game while waiting for the new version. We do appreciate the support you all have shown and continue to show and we will reciprocate that support by bringing you all a finished, day one product.



Last I heard, sometime in first to middle of March, they were aiming for middle of April but had no definite time frame due to code being so fubar.


I know it takes time and effort to recode a game.
I am patiently waiting for the next version.
I know it's not easy doing things and getti!ng levels, knowing they all will be gone, but it's also a chance to try things and prepare for the new start.
Those who don't like it, I don't know, maybe they should go somewhere else to have fun.
Thanks to all that are still here, and for all the hard work that is done behind the scene.
Most of us don't know what is in need to be done, and it's easy to grunt when it doesn't go like you would like.


Ignore everything Grunts says, Staff. He is only a troll and tries his hardest to beat people down for no reason. It's extremely sad to see someone like this. He doesn't understand what has to happen behind the scenes to overhaul this game, and he obviously missed the recent news post. Things will happen in the right time, and we know you're putting a ton of work into this crappy code. Thanks for all you do!