Game Updates

glad to hear you're still working on it. best of luck.


We've all been busy. As many of you know, this isn't our full time job so unfortunately life has got in the way. School, work, looking for a new job, etc. Bare with us, we will update you all once something major happens or gets implemented. I'm not going to update here if I added a . to the end of the code.

Thank you all for the patience,


Game should be ready by Spring of 2050


Bump again for update?


bump for update on the forum :)


That would be really nice for some lol


May have good news for everyone. We're going to test it a couple more days on the dev server to know for sure, but it appears we have found the fix for the infamous logout bug! I will keep you all posted on any changes.


Recently Done:
- Finalized structure of new DB
- Fixed searching within the player market
- Fixed issue where having multiple items with the same effect (e.g. hatchets + sacred ring of woodcutting) equipped only applied 1 of the effects

In Progress:
- Planning for Smithing skill updates
- New Account creation logic


Thank you for the kind words. I am keeping the community informed via the Forum and Discord, both spots. Unfortunately, if you are not currently playing the game, you obviously won't see the Forum post so I am being proactive in posting on Discord as well, so you can stay informed while waiting. Unfortunately, there is no set in stone date for a reset. The code was the biggest issue and that should all be fixed now, for the most part. We are still finding small bugs here and there (Forum Topics, new accounts signing up for the game, etc.)

The code was a nightmare, it was essentially copy and pasted and there was still a bunch of code that didn't work on FS in this game. We are moving forward, I pay for this game to stay running so the few people who are still active can continue to enjoy the game while waiting for the new version. We do appreciate the support you all have shown and continue to show and we will reciprocate that support by bringing you all a finished, day one product.



Last I heard, sometime in first to middle of March, they were aiming for middle of April but had no definite time frame due to code being so fubar.


I know it takes time and effort to recode a game.
I am patiently waiting for the next version.
I know it's not easy doing things and getti!ng levels, knowing they all will be gone, but it's also a chance to try things and prepare for the new start.
Those who don't like it, I don't know, maybe they should go somewhere else to have fun.
Thanks to all that are still here, and for all the hard work that is done behind the scene.
Most of us don't know what is in need to be done, and it's easy to grunt when it doesn't go like you would like.


Ignore everything Grunts says, Staff. He is only a troll and tries his hardest to beat people down for no reason. It's extremely sad to see someone like this. He doesn't understand what has to happen behind the scenes to overhaul this game, and he obviously missed the recent news post. Things will happen in the right time, and we know you're putting a ton of work into this crappy code. Thanks for all you do!


When is the game reset?
Seeing as staff would rather sit on discord to talk about this game, i figured it would be smart at some point to start the topic here on the actual game itself.. Sabs, i will say this right now, Vexx at least kept us informed HERE and didnt force people to go to other sites to talk to people that would rather make idiot jokes then answer simple questions. If this is how this game is going to start, say something. Your staff are lazy shits already, there is Zero faith in this game going forward seeing as all that talk you made was just Be present or turn it off until its ready, otherwise, keeping friends informed over the people sitting here waiting for you, makes you look far worse then previous owners. Man up already ffs.


Thank you for this update! Looking forward to the game! you are doing an amazing job :)


Thanks for the update.


New Version (Updates)
Already done:
- Updated code to work with newer version of PHP
- Updated code + DB to work with new version of MySQL
- New map(s) and all new towns

Recently done:
- Finished planning Mining, Woodcutting and Construction
- Updated images to be served by CDN for better load times (not live yet)
- Fixed several bugs (in the Forums, Staff Tools, etc.)

In progress:
- Finalizing structure of new DB
- Other skill reworks


Downtime is complete!


Hey all, just wanted to give you all a heads up. Tomorrow around 7:30 PM EST, the game will be down for a little bit as we are switching servers. I cannot give you a timeframe of how long the game will be offline, it just depends on how long it takes to propagate.

Thank you all for your patience,


Please add any leftover Snow you may have to the Workshop by January 10th. After that we will give out global perks according to how much was added. We may also be giving out a minor reward that can be used at reset, a reward of your choice, however, I am not going to spoil that here.


Thanks for that Sabaktes. I am cool here...I just worry about the people that just didn't have time to play. I want to see everyone have something to show for being here and supporting you and the game.
Thanks again
I think this offer is fabulous