Game Updates

Halloween Event
Apparently no one else created a forum post yet.. weird...

There'll be Halloween related invasions spawning over the next few days!
Halloween Candy drops in all actions, you can exchange these for some Possessed Gear at the Halloween Exchange at Market.

Happy Halloween!


Just a random one for this... Have we got any update or ETA on this as it is now 2 months old?

Would be nice for some updates on anything as we havent heard anything for some time... any plans for some more events, other game updates and ideas?

Are there any plans for halloween this year which I am assuming is still going to be going ahead?


Updates 1.5

Update 1.5

Misc Bug Fixes and Changes

- Skill Calculator now uses the new level/exp formula
- Skill Calculator (Specifically Combat) now gives additional information about creatures.
- Events of the same kind now show up in chat.
- Inventory is now scrollable (After a refresh).
- The Option to add items to storehouses or houses has been moved above the contents.
- Walking Sticks, Shears, Lockpicks and Birch Fishing Rods are now able to be sold to the NPC.
- Plurals for Quartz and Mystic Quartz have been fixed.
- Chests which give Mithril Saws, and Ogre Platemails now actually give those items.

- Crystal Bay Port Task Gems have been halved. It now requires 150 Beryls and 125 Opals. Players who have added more than the new requirements have received refunds.
- Durability of all tools and equipment have been doubled.


I would say update skills in groups. Making the update for all at will take much time till we see something happening again.

I agree the break rates should change for rare items (the ones we get from drops and shops) and stay for the smithable/crafted ones.


i say choice 2 , i think its a nice compromise between 1 skill at a time and waiting for all the skills to be ready and released at the same time. having all the gathering skills released at the same time then all the processing skills updated seems better than waiting for all the skills to be updated at the same time

As far as drago's #4 goes, i think the compromise there should be the durability of the invasion point items should be increased since they are the most complained about and arent crafted, only bought. I see the point of making things that are crafted break easily (so there is a reason to make more), but It takes a long time to get 5000-10000 invasion points for a single item, so to then see it break after less than 30 minutes of use pretty often is really heartbreaking. You can spend weeks getting enough points to get just 5 rings, then have them all break in a few hours or less if you're really unlucky. I would really like to see the durability of the invasion items increased so that they break a lot less often.


But without breakrates, players will be able to get huge storages of items.. And that would essentially leaving the game with virtually no economy which will make the game boring.


Is crafting the only skill that has been reworked so far? If so 5 players gained crafting xp today, so I don't see it as a major game breaking issue honestly.

Breaking 20+ items EVERY day in combat is a major problem though. Players are resorting to not even wearing armor when they fight anymore as the solution. And honestly with an active admin it would take all of 5 minutes to change the break rate formula, just throw a /2 in the line of code or something.


Drago, that would be nice, but I'm more in favor of having the skills reworked done soon. Too many people complaining on how it's not fair to other skills.. (As someone who does a skill that has NOT been reworked, I do not mind.)


Option 4
Fix the break rates that drive most the players crazy before worrying about changing other things.


Anyone that has put money towards the game to buy tokens and invasions/events to get their skills up may end up wanting a refund if the game were reset. Also people that have put an awful lot of time into the game would hate it. If the game had been released as a beta and they were forewarned about a reset, sure, but it wasn't. I'm not opposed to a reset but to think everyone else would be okay with it is a little delusional. From what I have seen from the conversations in world when it has been suggested previously it would not be well received. A lot of people would feel cheated for all the time and money they have put into the game, and honestly I feel they would be justified feeling that way.


I'm assuming by 're-release', you mean reset everyone's skills, items etc Tika? Is that something people would want/be open to?
I'd put money on the fact that if you reset the game now, you'd lose at least 75% of the players


I'm assuming by 're-release', you mean reset everyone's skills, items etc Tika? Is that something people would want/be open to?


In my opinion, releasing them one at a time makes the game inbalanced. There isn't really any upside to it but instant gratification for developers and players.

Having all skills reworked and tested in a proper manner would feel much more thoughtful and professional. However, if all skills get such a major rework, it should be considered to re-release the game (should've probably already been done with the overall xp update..).

The above statement of having the game feel "active" is a valid one, but that could also be achieved by the devs communicating what they're doing, without having to release everything on the spot. I would love to see weekly dev updates where you tell us what you're working on, bugs you are working on and the changes you're about to make. The current policy of fixing or changing things and not even have a forum post or login-message to keep us informed doesn't feel good for the players.


Option 1
The more often updates happen, the more people think this game is in active development. The more people think this game is in active development, the more likely they are to stick around to see the new content.


option 1

more updates...more time to evaluate each update individually...less time for people to say "when are we gonna finally get an update"


I would like to see an overall xp rework done to make all the skills fair first.
I see the point of people wanting them all released together so that it's fair but I feel that could be tackled as a separate issue as other players have suggested with the xp rework and then have the skill updates coming in once they're finished one by one.
It gives time for the community to get back to the "powers that be" with how the individual skill updates are working without bombarding them with all the skill changes at once and, in case anything should go wrong, (heaven forbid it) then there's only one skill update that could be the culprit instead of the multiple possible culprits if all skills were released at once.

Thanks for all the work that has already been done on the game and going into the future. Either way the updates end up getting released, they are muchly appreciated.


Given the fact that both option 2 and 3 are no longer possible since the rework of crafting.
I'd go with the additional option of XP rework, which i would then prefer to see followed up by pairing of skills that complement eachother (mining<->smithing).
Though as long as the XP is reworked, releasing them whenever finished is also a nice option and keeps people happy with new content




3 - All at once

To release just one skill at a time gives those an advantage, such as the crafting update now gets more efficient xp gains compared to for example smithing


.... I misclicked because my brain stopped working. Take 1 vote off option 3, and add it to option 1. lol