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can we get some status update?


so does the discord get updates?


Two questions :)

Would it be beneficial at all to make adamantine hammers able to be equipped at 90 instead of say 102 D:

And secondly for all tools in game, is there a way to balance tools so they have a benefit in this new rework? With the timers shooting up, it seems that the 1 second decreases (from higher levels and from tools) are relatively low? Maybe I'm just greedy, just a thought though :)


For sure. It can be difficult to balance, but how we've set it up should keep it from ever being an issue (I think it starts breaking down a bit in the level 550+ range, which will literally never happen).

Also, the new game will have more of a focus on balance with tools and -timer stuff, FS/IE have always been super unbalanced in that way.


maybe i should not have read this at midnight.
In my research on this i've found that having a stable ratio of min timer/base timer is very important for (late game) xp balancing.
But it sounds like you have a system set up that can spot that as well


Maybe you misunderstood or I'm misunderstanding you, zoef.

Each higher action starts at a higher base timer, and it all scales depending on how much exp that action gives.

Also, something that has changed that I forgot to mention:
normally, every 2 levels you gain, you get a -timer for an action.

However. Now, every 50 levels above unlocking an action, the amount of levels needed to gain another -timer for that action increases by 1. (e.g. you unlock Iron mining at level 15. From level 65-115, it takes 3 levels to shave off a second from that action. 115-165, 4 levels.)

This helps ensure that the highest action you can do is ALWAYS better exp/hour, and no other actions in the skill become better at a lower timer.


Please consider that all actions starting with the base timer is very silly when the tools (and special bonus-equip) keep improving.
From memory that was really poor and you had certain actions on min timer as you unlocked the skill because of this.


Edited for extra clarification.


Skill Exp/Timer/Lvl Requirement Overhaul
Greetings, Immortal's Edge!

I am helping with the game here and there now. It was needed, as there hasn't really been a lot of tangible progress to show the playerbase for a while.

Here's some for you. :)

All skill actions in the game (apart from actions in combat, speed, and farming) have had their unique experience payouts, timers, and required levels restructured. (Also as of writing this post, Herblore isn't finished. I'll have it in likely within a day.)

Reason: This game was initially written with an experience formula that grows at a much faster rate than other games of this genre (e.g. Syrnia). But the experience payout for skills did not properly reflect the gains needed to reach the higher echelons of each skill. Skills like Smithing were REALLY bad before.

So for the most part, across the board exp gains have been raised for each action. This is based on the base exp of the game with no boosts (it's possible Sab stops using boosts after the current ones run out. I'm not certain about that yet though. Regardless, exp gain will be higher now with no boosts than it was with boosts before).

If you have any questions, comments, concerns, or praise about this update, leave it in this post.

Edit: To clarify further...

Resource gathering skill action exp/hour were all based on a certain amount of time needed to max a skill (and how much time it takes to get through each tier).

Resource processing/production skill actions, for the most part, are based directly on the materials needed to make such items. This is reflected most obviously in later tiers of Smithing, due to the sheer number of random ores needed to make a single bar, and then how many bars are needed for each item.

It works like this: mining and smithing for example...
Someone mines an iron ore for 85 exp.
The smith should be able to receive a final output of 85 exp from processing that ore.

The exp is weighted 25/75 in favor of the final product.
So smelting the bar is 22 exp (~25% of 85).
and turning that bar into 1 Iron Light Shield (requires 1 Iron bar only) is 63 exp (~75% of 85).
Netting the smith a final total of 85 exp.


As a new player, I just wanted to say I'm loving the game. An update can only make it better! Congratz on baby number two, I remember when I had my second one, it gets easier, I promise haha. Just read the forum about the update and I am looking forward to the big reset myself so I can climb the leaderboard as an active player and not have to catch up from the last reset, especially from players who no longer play. Thanks for the 40 days of bonuses, too!


hope all is well with the babies
still hoping for a reset :)


I don't really use the Forums on here and I haven't been the best at keeping y'all updated. With that said, I apologize that the game is taking so long to reset, when I made the purchase I did not expect it to take this long. I expected to have a few people helping me, but right now it is just Thorrak and I. Life happens so no hard feelings, but him and I both have full time jobs, families, etc. I am expecting baby #2 in less than two months so I have a lot going on outside of work. Thorrak and I are continuing to work on the new version and hope to be bringing that to y'all soon, even if it is a BETA to start, just so you can get a taste of it. We want to bring something to y'all that you will enjoy playing for years to come.

Thank you for your patience,


Hey big D, sabs is online lets see if one gets a reply XD
OH the question is hows the recoding coming along?


3 ^ where's the update man? Free tokens for all! :P




+2 indeed whats a happening man


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Sabs, when you see this , another update on what's happening would be nice. :P


dare i ask for an update?


The halloween exchange (in Market) has been updated to have more reasonable prices.

You'll find possessed items for 100 candy each, ancient possessed items for 200 candy each and opals and beryls for 20 candies each.