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To get anywhere you will need to be able to get there. With Speed you can walk from place to place. You can also ride some of the worlds most epic creatures from one destination to the other. On your epic journey you can find some of the most common items like rocks to the worlds rarest items like the Sword of Speed. Below you will find everything you need to know about Speed itself.
Speed Items
Level Item Effects
1Leather Boots
-3 Speed Time
1Shiny Bunny Slippers
-6 Speed Time
Easter 2015
1Bactrian Camel
-22 Speed Time
One hump for you and one for your friend
5Boots of Speed
-6 Speed Time
20Mobility Boots
-13 Speed Time
20Warlords Boots of Speed
-25 Speed Time
Invasion Points Shop
25Swiftness Boots
-17 Speed Time
88Witch Broom
-30 Speed Time

Level Item Effects
1Skeletal Horse
-30 Speed Time
Halloween 2015
5Brown Horse
-10 Speed Time
10White Horse
-20 Speed Time

Other Speed Equipment
Level Item Effects
1Turkey Hat
US Thanksgiving 2016 Token Purchase
1Lucky Pants
-2 Speed Time
St Patricks Day 20202
1Lucky Gloves
-2 Speed Time
St Patricks Day 2020
1St Patricks Pot
St Patricks Day 2018 Token Purchase
1Reapers Cape
Halloween 2017 Token Purchase
1Easter Cape
-3 Speed Time
Easter 2017
1Rabbit Ring
-6 Speed Time
5 Drops
1Bunny Feet
Easter 2017 Token Purchase
1Leprechaun Vest
-15 Speed Time
St Patricks Day 2017
1St Patricks Hat
St Patricks Day 2017 Token Purchase
1Cupids Wings
-15 Speed Time
Valentines 2017 Item
1Pink Valentines Cape
Valentines 2017 Token Purchase
1Lucky Jacket
-2 Speed Time
St Patricks Day 2020
1Pumpkin Hat
Halloween 2016 Token Purchase
1Bunny Hat
Easter 2016 Token Purchase
1Lucky Cap
St Patricks Day 2020
1Patricks Pot
St Patricks Day 2016 Token Purchase
1Heart Locket
2 Item Count Increase
Valentines 2016 Item
1Valentines Cape
-0 Speed Time
Valentines 2016 Token Purchase
1Walking Stick
-1 Speed Time
1Possessed Cloak of Speed
-10 Speed Time
Halloween 2014
5Snow Shoes
-3 Speed Time
Christmas 2020
5Ugly Christmas Sweater
-10 Speed Time
Christmas 2020
10Sacred Ring of Speed
-5 Speed Time
Invasion Points Shop
10Oak Walking Stick
-2 Speed Time
20Easter Speed Hat
5 Drops
20Pine Walking Stick
-3 Speed Time
20Speed Bunny Ears
-1 Speed Time
30Ghost Walking Stick
-4 Speed Time
30Ancient Possessed Cane
-15 Speed Time
+10% Experience Increase
Halloween 2016
40Forsaken Walking Stick
-5 Speed Time
50Frost Walking Stick
-6 Speed Time
60Maple Walking Stick
-7 Speed Time
60Platinum Walking Stick
-35 Speed Time
70Sycamore Walking Stick
-8 Speed Time
80Silverwood Walking Stick
-9 Speed Time
88Witch Hat
-15 Speed Time
90Birch Walking Stick
-10 Speed Time
100Fig Walking Stick
-11 Speed Time
110White Ash Walking Stick
-12 Speed Time
120Black Ash Walking Stick
-13 Speed Time
130Willow Walking Stick
-14 Speed Time
140Aspen Walking Stick
-15 Speed Time
150Black Locust Walking Stick
-16 Speed Time


*(Note: In order to find a drop you cannot have a Mount Equipped)

Lily of the valley
4 Leaf Clover (Rare)
3 Leaf Clover
Vampire Fangs
Wolf Fangs
Snake Fangs
Sword of Speed (Very Rare)
Deer Antlers