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Terms of Use / Rules (Last Updated: Sept. 2nd - 2015)

1. Language:

Immortals Edges main language is English. Other languages are allowed in private channels e.g. Whisper, Guild, Guild Forums, and Messages. Even private channels and messages will be recorded and scanned through for any suspicious activity. Common phrases of other languages are allowed to be used. E.g. Bonjour and Hola, but please keep them to a minimum.

I. Offensive Language:

Swearing is currently allowed, but only in moderation. Excessive swearing will result in a mute. Any sign of disrespect towards other players or staff will result in a mute. Additionally, any misspellings or bypassing of chat filters will result in a mute.

II. All sexual topics are forbidden in chat, this includes custom log in messages and custom ranks.

2. Harassment:

Any form of harassment is not allowed. If you are caught harassing another player you will be muted. An "ignore" filter is presented in case of any harassment from another player. Report any harassing players to the Game Staff.

I. Degrading other players (or groups of players) in all forms of communication will result in a hefty mute. This includes intentionally threatening/mocking their morals, race, sexual orientation, gender, religion or disability.

II. Attempting to contact a player that may have you ignored by means of using other players and staff is not allowed and will result in a mute.

III. Attempting to harass the Game Staff will result in a hefty mute.
I-a. Staff Baiting/Bashing will not be tolerated. Any form of abusing the staff will be result in extreme punishment.

IV. Baiting an argument in chat is forbidden. This will be evaluated subjectively based on the statements made and the history of the person Baiting. Be warned though, taking the bait and feeding the argument is also forbidden. If you have a problem with a player, take it to whispers, or make a ticket.

3. Spam:

There are multiple forms of "Spam" but not all are listed here.

I. Spamming in chat is not allowed. This includes repeated use of any character, symbol, number, of set thereof. This applies to chat ranks, chat logins, and anything else viewable in global channels. Typical rule of thumb is 'less than 4 to a line and don't use multiple lines.

II. Overuse of capital letters/words.

II-a. Typing an entire line of words capitalized.

III. Multiple lines of the same thought or reply. Single character posting.

IV. Abundance of "Third Person Speak."

V. Excessive link posting.

4. Trade Chat:

I. Excessive use of Trade chat. Allow gaps of 30+ minutes for similar advertisements, shop posts, price checks etc.

II. Trading out of game items for in game items is STRICTLY not allowed.

III. Trade adverts are limited to a maximum of 2 "chat lines" at any one time. This can not be used to manipulate the 30 minute rule.

5. Forum:

I. Bumping a forum post is limited to no more than one time per 24 hours.

6. Punishments:


I. Players are only allowed 2 warnings before mutes are given without warning.


Mutes will be given in intervals of 15 minutes, although there are some instances where they will be given out for longer/abnormal time periods such as:

I. Being punished for Staff/Player disrespect.

II. If you blatantly ignore all warnings and time outs.

All player punishments are private between the player and the game staff, we will NOT discuss a players punishment with a third party unless we feel it is needed.

7. Player Accounts:

I. Players are only allowed ONE account - Every account but the 1st will be banned.

II. If family members wish to also play then a ticket must be made to the Multi/Cheats Team.

III. Only YOU must access and use your account, you are responsible for all actions conducted on your account. Anyone found accessing another players account for any reason risks having their account banned.

IV. Usernames must not be offensive, abusive, contain spam or be created to impersonate another player or staff.

V. Accounts that login from Proxy Servers 100% of the time will be banned. You must log in from a non-proxy IP on a regular basis.

8. Game Staff:

I. Do not provoke the game staff - They are here to keep the game running as smooth as possible. Any form of provoking will be punished severely.

II. Any form of chat or forum posts designed to cause friction between the staff and players is strictly forbidden. If you have a problem or issue then discuss it with us in a calm manner.

III. The use of the Ticket System is the only way you should contact the game staff directly, do not use direct in game messages.

IV. If you see any rules being broken do not attempt to control the matter yourself, contact the game staff at once.

V. Impersonating a member of staff is a serious matter and will be dealt with severely.

9. Ticket System:

I. The ticket system is your direct point of contact with the game staff not in game messages.

II. Be polite and calm in your tickets, abusive language or abusing the ticket system will result in punishment.

III. Put as much detail as possible in your ticket, this will save us and you time.

IV. If a member of staff contacts you via the ticket system, reply promptly as failing to do so may make certain matters worse.

10. Game Bugs / Hacking:

I. All bugs must be reported immediately.

II. Anyone found abusing a bug will have experience points and/or items removed from the account, along with severe mute/forum ban.

III. Anyone found to be hacking/attempting to hack the game or another players account will be banned from the game indefinitely.


I. Any form of a bot or script that controls any form of your character is prohibited and will result in severe punishment.

II. Use of plug-ins to alter the game style on screen are permitted however any problems or issues caused by these are at your own risk.

11. Donations / Tokens:

I. All purchases of Tokens / donations are considered final and there will not be any refunds.

12. Chat Ranks / Chat Logins

I. Must not contain any form of advertisement for trade or recruiting.

II. Must not contain any internet links of any kind.

III. Must not contain any profanity, racist or any other form of abusive language.

IV. Should staff find any chat ranks / chat logins that do not follow the rules you will be requested to change the rank and a refund of 3 tokens will be issued. Should you fail to comply no refund will be issued and your rank will be changed for you.

13. Chat Report

I. Report function is to inform the game staff of a chat issue only.

II. Do not use the report function to bait staff or to express an opinion.

III. Making false reports will result in punishment.

IV. Reports are only to make staff aware or a rule being broken with regards to chat. It is NOT a point of contact, use the ticket system for this. The staff can NOT reply to a report.

14. Player Profiles & Badges

I. Custom badges uploaded to the Immortals Edge Server must be all-age appropriate.

II. Player profile images must be all-age appropriate.

III. Any images found that are not appropriate will be removed and punishment may be issued.

IV. Any custom badges that are not suitable must be changed and a punishment may be issued if you do not comply.