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Getting Started

Welcome to Immortals Edge! This is the place you learn how to get started playing right away!


Immortals Edge is a text-based, timer-based RPG set in a medieval and fantasy world! If you like playing games where you can be AFK a lot of the time this is the game for you! With a ton of creatures to fight, loads of dungeons to explore and loads of active players what's there to miss? Make sure to register while you still can.


The Game Interface

If you are new to this genre of game you are probably confused and not sure what any of this means. The game interface is divided into different sections:
Map - At every location you are at there is a Map on the left hand side of the screen. What is this for? The Map is there so you can move from location to location. You basically click the appropriate spot on the 'road' or general direction of the next town and you will start moving.

Town Menu - This is right below the Map. The Town Menu will display all the towns actions (Buildings to actions)

Chat - The chat is divided into different channels: World, Trade, Help, & guild.

World chat: This chat channel is for the whole entire game to chat in. There are rules that need to be followed when chatting here.

Trade: This chat channel is for advertising anything you want to buy, sell or trade. Make sure to only post here 30 minutes at a time.

Help: This chat channel is pretty obvious. Its there if you need any help within the game. Have any question? Make sure to use this chat channel then.

Guild: This chat channel is there to chat within your guild. More or less there are little rules when chatting here as the Guild Leader will make the rules that you need to follow.

Inventory - This section of the game is to your right side. This displays all the items that you are currently holding, including coins and items.

Equipment - This section will display everything that you have equipped on your person. This will also display the tools effects, if they have any.

Players - This section of the game will display all the players that are currently playing the game at your location.

Achievements - This section will display all the achievements within the game. They will be organized from Not Started, Started, & completed.

Quests - This section will display all the Quests within the game. They will be organized from Not Started, Started, & completed.

Stats - This section will display all your current skills, total level, and total XP. It will also show you your health and mana stats and what they are currently at.

Workscreen - This is the section in the middle of the screen above the chat. It displays the current towns name and/or description. Right below that there will be a timer if you are current training a skill. If you are not training a skill you will likely be at some sort of building and all the contents will be displayed here.


Where to start?

There's a few things you can do to get started playing. You will start out on what we like to call the 'tutorial island' of Immortals Edge. If you wish to skip the tutorial for which ever reason just continue down the winding road. At the end of the road you will come to the docks. At the docks you can travel to Winterport (The main island -- Beginner Island). If You chose to stick with the tutorial you are at the forest. The Very first thing you are going to want to do is equip your Bronze Hatchet. You can do this by clicking Bronze Hatchet under your Inventory. A popup will be brought up on your screen, then you can click equip. Once your Hatchet is equipped you can start chopping trees. (You can do this by clicking Chop Trees beneath your Map to your left.) You really only need about 10 Logs, so its up to you weather you want to stay and level up some more or continue on your journey! I'm not going to bore you with the details of the rest because its straight forward.


After the tutorial what really should I do?

Well this really depends on you, the player. Most new players will either train a little bit of every skill or stick to just one. What we suggest is, get Woodcutting. Why? Well you will need a house to store all your items in later down the road when you decide to train combat. Yes, when you die you will lose a majority if not all your items. Its a good thing to keep your valuables locked up in your personal house. Once you have enough logs chopped up you can head over to Northedge and saw your logs into Lumber. Once you have all the required lumber you will need a few Iron Nail Bundles. You can obtain these by getting some Iron Ore and Smithing the ores into bars. Once you have enough Iron Bars you can smith them into Iron Nail Bundles and add them to your house to be completed. If you don't want a house and wish to train other skills like Combat you can just obtain enough coins to pay someone to build you one instead. By the time you have your first house built you will have enough hours to join or create a Guild!



The currency in the realm of the Immortals Edge is called coins. You can obtain a load of currency by training skills, obtaining drops and items. You can then sell these items to the NPCs of the game or to other players. Because face it, you want to get rich, quick!? Once you get the feel of the game you will notice other ways you can obtain coins and fame.



Yes, Immortals Edge has Guilds. These are there for players who wish to become part of a family or cult rather. These players can help you get started a bit more or just be friendly. In order to join you will need to play a total of 10 hours of 'in Game Time' (This is not 10 hours spent in real life but rather 10 hours of actions played.)


Forums & Manual

Forums - The forums are there to have fun and help you out when you need it. Need help finding a guild? Take a peak in the forums, you will see a load of guilds willing to recruit you!

Manual - The manual is there to help you through out the game. Don't worry, even the most experienced players need to take a look in there once in a while. Most of your questions can be answered here in the manual.



Quests - Don't want to train skills all of the time? There are loads of NPCs throughout the game willing to send you on life's most dangerous missions, weather it be to obtain a few shrimp or fight the worlds deadliest monster. There are main quests and side quests. Side quests don't really need to be completed but you will most likely end up completing most if not all of them.

Quest Logs - The quest logs can help you when you don't remember what the NPCs instructions were.



Profiles? Yes, Immortals Edge has profiles for each of their members. Need to stay in touch with friends that arn't in your guild? Write a message on their walls, see a little about them and check on their stats!



Well this is pretty obvious. This is the section you come to to change your password, change your name, chat color and more!



Found a bug or having issues? The staff of Immortals Edge would like to know about it. These are mostly players within the game that can help you out the best of their ability. If its a bug, the programmers of Immortals Edge want to squish it! If you don't report a bug you can risk punishment.



Have you spotted someone in chat not following rules? Send a chat report in and staff will deal with it accordingly.



Most importantly make sure to have lots of fun! Because we'd like to see more of you and your friends playing!