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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the more common questions asked through out the game. Feel free to browser the Manual for more information. If you can't find an answer here or within he Manual feel free to ask away either in Help Chat or in the Immortals Edge Forums.

Q: How do I do a quest?
A: Quests are a fun and an interactive way to play start and continue with through out the game. A good starter quest can be found in the starting city of Winterport called Fish for Fira. In the main screen there should be a link with the title of the quest. Click it and it will explain what the NPC is in need of. Then go off and do the task or tasks at your pace. Once done, return to the quest giver and click to the same link to finish the quest. All titles for quests with locations can be found in the Manual under Quests.

Q: Where do I fish?
A: There are a lot of places. A good start is Winterport. The Manual lists all available locations.

Q: Can I swear in world chat?
A: There is a profanity filter found in your settings that is on by default. You can swear in chat but do not abuse it. eg: Do not tell someone off.

Q: How can I get more colours for my chat?
A: To have a larger colour selection you will need to donate. Please see 'Game Shop' in the top left corner.

Q: Why can't I do certain skills?
A: There are two possible reasons to this, you do not have the right level or gear to do it. For example make sure you have a rod to fish and that you are at the right location to fish.

Q: How do I join a guild?
A: In the top menu bar, there is a link 'Guild'. Click it and it will give you options to apply to join current Guilds or to form a new one. You will need a total of 10 hours in Game to join or create a guild.

Q: Where do I trade?
A: Currently trades can only happen at trading posts. There is one a Winterport, Witchlyn and at Market. You need to met the player there to do a trade.

Q: What's my referral link?
A: Referral links can be found by clicking your name at the top right of the Game Screen. There should be your referral link.

Q: What can I do with skulls, message in a bottle, etc?
A: Nothing yet, they aren't in the game. Patience please.

Q: Can I build a house and where?
A: You can build a personal house for storage in any city but Market. You do need a certain construction level and amount of lumber to build different sizes of houses. In the Manual, in Skills, and under Construction you can find more details.

Q: I love this game, can my significant other play as well?
A: Yes, of course. Please however before making more then one account on an IP address, go to Message in the top link bar, and select Message Staff to let us know that someone else will be playing from that IP address along with their username if possible. It will save everyone from a lot of questions.