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Combat Guide

Welcome to the wonderful world of Immortals Edge combat.
In this guide, the aspects of the combat system will be discussed and explained. This is strictly a beginners guide and will explain the attributes that make up the combat system. These attributes include: Agility, Attack, Defense, Speed, Stamina and Strength.

This attribute will determine the weapon that the player and the creature are allowed to use. The higher the attack level for either the player or the creature, the better weapon he/she will be able to use. As the attack level is increased, the weapon will get better as well as a better chance to hit at a more accurate rate. The combat system weighs the attributes of the opponent against the attack of the opposing player or creature to determine the hits generated.

This attribute will be used and leveled to determine the player or creature's ability to dodge incoming attacks. The system has a formula that compares attributes of the player to the attributes of the creature to determine a chance to hit or dodge. Agility would be trained to increase the chances of dodging incoming attacks.

The defense skill will determine the items that a player or creature can equip in each of the slots on the paper doll. As the defense skill level is increased, better armor will be available to wear in each slot. The defense attribute does not only allow items to be worn, but it is also part of the games formula to calculate opposing hits and incoming damage along with a reduction rate for both the skill level and the armor point rating of the gear worn by the player and the creature.

In Immortals Edge, the combat system is unique and complex. Part of the complexity is placed upon separate attack timers for both the creature and the player. The player or creatures speed level, though not trained only for combat purposes, does play a roll in our combat system. As the player or creature's speed level is increased, the frequency at which they attack is faster. Additionally, the chance to avoid incoming attacks is affected by this skill.

The stamina skill is directly tied to a player's total hitpoints. Hitpoints are the total life that the player or creature has. The higher the stamina level for the player or the creature, the more total hitpoints he or she has. The more hitpoints a player or creature has, the more damage they can take before they will die. Lose all your hitpoints and you will die. If you die, ALL of your items will be dropped on the ground at the location in which you died. ALL items includes equipped items and items in your inventory with the exception of coins and tokens. Coins and tokens will NOT be lost. Upon a player death, the player will find themselves teleported back to the first island at the Winterport location.

This attribute is directly related to the amount of damage a player or creature can inflict with it's attacks. The higher the player or creature's strength, the higher the value of damage the player or creature can achieve. Increasing the strength skill will effect the maximum possible hit as well as the overall average of the damage dealt.

Weapon and Items:
Weapons and some items in the game have attributes of their own. The items can have aim, power and speed. These attributes of equippable items will affect the player or creatures combat. The item's aim is figured with the attack of the player or creature to help determine the attacking party's damage to the opponent. The power of an equipped item is combined with the player or creature's strength attribute to determine the maximum and average damage dealt to the opponent. Power and aim on equipped items will vary depending on the item. The better the item, the higher level it will take to equip the item, but the more damage it will deal. As for speed, certain items in the game will have a speed modifier. This will directly affect the timer of the player or creature. As explained in the "speed" section, the speed lvl decreases the attack timer of the player and the creature. If an item that is equipped has a speed bonus, it will be added to the player or creature's speed level to determine the attack timer for that player or creature.

As players progress through the game and combat skills, certain npc's will be found that, when interacted with, will direct players to a quest that revolves directly around the games combat skills. The npc that gives initial directions for the quest will supply all of the necessary information for the player to follow and complete the quest. These quests are one time only activities. Once they are completed, a player may not initiate or complete them again. Some of the quests found will reward players with vast riches that may include specialty weapons and or armor. Once these items are obtained, they may be traded, worn or sold as the quest completing player sees fit.

Creatures List:
Creatures List

Armour List:
Armour List

Weapons List:
Weapons List

Health Potions:
Small Health Potions - Heals 25% of your Health
Can Drink 1 every 1 Hour

Medium Health Potions - Heals 50% of your Health
Can Drink 1 every 6 hours

Large Health Potions - Heals 100% of your Health
Can Drink 1 every 12 hours

You can enter 1 or higher but you will only drink 1 at a time!


Auto Attacks:
There are NO auto attacks within Immortals Edge at this time. How ever, auto attacks will be required when Dungeons come into play. Auto attacks are fights started by the creature attacking you upon arrival of a location.

Player vs Player Combat:
There is PVP. Forsaken Chambers is all PVP. Right now thats the only place available.

Basic Combat Guide:
First of all you are going to want Weapons, Armour, and Food. We suggest you grabbing yourself a Bronze Dagger (You can make one yourself or buy one from other players). You won't be able to use much armour until you start leveling Defense but you will be able to start with a Bronze Sabaton (Again you can make one yourself or buy one from other players). Next you will need food, you can obtain this easily by fishing, and then cooking the fish into Cooked Fish. After that you will need to head over to Northedge, where you can start by battling Rats.

There are plans to incorporate Dungeons into Immortals Edge. There will be Single Player Dungeons and there will be Multiplayer Dungeons. In some (not ALL) Multiplayer Dungeons other players will be able to kill you. In some Multiplayer Dungeons you will be able to venture into the dungeons with friends. Not all dungeons will be the same. You will be able to train skills in the dungeons, ex: Mining, woodcutting, fishing. These will include normal and special actions. Dungeons will include special creatures, where they can drop normal and special armour, weapons, food, and items.

There are plans to incorporate Invasions into Immortals Edge. The invasions will be set off by Immortals Edge Staff in select locations. There will be special creatures for invasions. Although normal creatures can be included within Invasions as well. There will be rewards for participating in Invasions even if you only kill 1 creature. These rewards will not be announced until the update is released.